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Who is a Cyber Security Consultant?

This is an individual with a background in information security or computer security standards. The level of expertise needed here is highly specialized and presently, it is not widespread. The services offered by a cyber security consultant can bring about a major difference to the overall security posture of an organization, and may hinder of at least alleviate future intrusion by real-world fraudsters or hackers.

Cyber security is part of the vast field of information security that also encompasses threats and physical assets, and people-related issues. Nevertheless, with the continuing rise in threats to key national infrastructure like power plants from some countries, it’s the cyber’ segment of the terminology that takes a progressive high profile. The fact is that a majority of enterprises will be safe from intrusion by state-sponsored agents.

Nevertheless, these organizations may still be a target of opportunistic amateur hackers, and thus the need for a cyber security consultant.

What does a cyber security consultant do?

Vulnerability assessment

The individual may carry out an audit of the organization’s present IT security levels, identifying areas of high risk vulnerability; for instance, the website pages that transmit unencrypted usernames and passwords. Most vulnerability emerges from old software applications that have not yet been updated to the most recent patch levels. In such situations, by simply bringing up to date the software applications you will be able to take care of the risk.

In other circumstances, although the software applications may be completely up to date with the most recent security patches, you may have to reconfigure it in order to modify the settings. The penetration tests and vulnerability scans conducted by a cyber security consultant will reveal these problems and much more, allowing the organization to take of them before hackers discover them.

Consultancy services

Apart from carrying out vulnerability assessment of organization software, a cyber security consultant can also provide highly specialized consultancy services to help the organization come up with a plan for revamping its information security. This service is entirely customized to suit the client’s needs instead of depending on off-the-shelf documents and strategies; and put into consideration the attitude of the client’s organization towards business priorities and risks.

Apart from computer security, it can also include education and responsiveness measures to increase the security profile amongst partners and employees. A majority of cyber security consultants can also help with the certification process to ISO 27001 or the International Information Security Standard.

This is a very unusual field of business consultancy service as it also includes having high technical expertise and knowledge of procedures and people. In part, this is the reason why cyber security consultants are uncommon and most sought-after with the power to make a lot of difference to any company that hires their services.